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Going green now: is the way to ensure a peaceful environment for our future generation. It provides everyone endless free energy from Sun, Wind, tides and sea currents. We only have to harvest it. It is the way to become self-supporting in agriculture, energy and water supply. It keeps money in your own pocket in stead of the pockets of fossil fuel barons. We can store our energy in salt or fresh water. Using green power we can also turn water into the biggest provider of energy. How??... With green power we can split it into oxygen and hydrogen. When we need the energy, we put these together in a combustion chamber receiving back the energy that was supplied by green power, without pollution. As a result we give back pollution free water to the environment. This way nature and mankind can live a prosperous life without polluted lungs.----- Owner of the whole page copy rights C.W. Braun --- END SCROLL -------------------

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