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Dear  Reader, 

Going green now is the way to ensure a peaceful environment for our future generation.


It provides everyone endless free energy from sun, wind, tides and sea currents. We only have to harvest is. 

It is the way to become self-supporting in agriculture, energy and water supply.

It keeps money in your own pocket instead of the pockets of fossil fuel barons.

We can store our energy in salt or fresh water. By using green power we can turn water into the biggest provider of energy!


With green power we can split energy into oxygen and hydrogen. When we need the energy, we put these together in a combustion chamber, receiving back the energy that was supplied by green power, without pollution.

As a result we give back pollution free water to the environment.

This way nature and mankind can live a prosperous life, without polluted lungs.

Energy richness is for us all and not for them alone. So letís all invest in a better and greener life!


Kind regards, 

ABC- Home- Energy team

ABC Home Energy com



This house (192 m2) is completely self supporting concerning the needed energy. The green energy is produced by a bank of solar panels (5000 watt)  all placed on the flat concrete roof.

mail us  for more info.

This finished house can be build on Curacao on a lot of aprox. 500 m2 for $ 275,875.-- complete with alt. energy system, wire mesh fencing, 50 m2 of paving and young garden plants and lot.



For more energy houses info please go to our Dutch web-site  www.abc-huisinfo.com where you can find more drawings. Please click on "tekeningen" and scroll till you reach 'huis 4" nearly ad the end of the page.    




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Uw alternatieve energie bemiddelaar. Wij komen bij u thuis om voor u te berekenen welk systeem bij u huis of bedrijf het beste is. Wij regelen dan een offerte, via lokale leveranciers, voor dat systeem. 

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Our energy richness is for us all and not for them alone. So think green and get richness of mind

Going green is the future

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